Washing Instructions


We recommend washing the nappies and liners without detergent before using for the first time. This will help increase the absorbency of the liners. Never wash nappies or liners with fabric softener or laundry detergents that contain fabric softener as it coats the fibres in the fabric and reduces absorbency.


Do not tumble dry on high heat settings (use LOWEST heat setting only).  This will help extend the life of the nappies by protecting waterproof and preventing delamination of the waterproof PUL material.  Line drying is however best  for your inserts whenever possible. The sun’s UV rays will assist in killing bacteria and odours but can also weaken the waterproof PUL material over time.   It is recommended however – particularly on hot days – that you do not leave them out in direct sunlight longer than is needed for them to dry (and they do dry super fast)!  I also prefer to face the suede cloth side of the nappy to the sun rather than the PUL (coloured) side.

This helps keep the waterproof PUL barrier nice and strong, so it can continue doing an awesome job at preventing leakages, for many moons to come. It also once again, prevents delamination

Follow the washing and caring guidelines given below and your Eco Nappies will last you till bub’s toilet training journey.

Machine-wash Run a short, hot (NOT eceeding 40C), pre-wash cycle without detergents, before carrying out your main wash cycle.  This will help remove ammonia more effectively from the fabric and help prevent ammonia damage in your nappies over time.  Use the recommended amount of good quality laundry detergent, as per packaging instructions. I personally like to stock up on OMO or Dynamo when they are on special.

Deep clean nappies every 3-6 months to remove any build up in fabric and help maintain absorbency.

Do a full load on a hot wash cycle (NOT exceeding 40C), with detergent of your choice, using the amount recommended on the packaging instructions.  Followed immediately by a full hot wash cycle with no detergents.


Product made in china according to our specific instructions & design for you Eco Nappies.

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