Best4Bubs Nappy & Accessories Care Instructions.

Maximise absorbency, extend the life of your Cloth Nappies and Accessories.


Important:  We recommend washing cloth nappy shells, liners and boosters without detergent before first use. This will help increase absorbency.  Maximum absorbency will be achieved after the first 4-6 full washes.

Never wash cloth nappies, liners or boosters with fabric softener or laundry detergents containing fabric softener, as it coats the fibres in the fabric and reduces absorbency.

Preparing cloth nappies for the wash:  Flush any solids down the toilet.  Give nappies a quick rinse and squeeze under a tap to prevent stains, reduce smell and remove excess ammonia from the fabric, preventing damage to your nappies as they sit awaiting a full wash.

Dry Pailing between washes: Dry Pailing is a method where used nappies are stored in an open container such as a bucket, between washes. No water or lid is added to the bucket.  We recommend dry pailig over soaking, to avoid the risk of drowning where the container is kept within reach of little ones.

Machine-wash:  Run a short, hot (NOT exceeding 60C), pre-wash cycle without detergents, before carrying out your main wash cycle.    Follow with a full cycle, using the recommended amount (according to load size), of good quality laundry detergent, as per packaging instructions.

Drying: Line drying is best – whenever possible. The sun’s UV rays will assist in killing bacteria and odours but can also weaken the waterproof PUL material over time.   It is recommended therefore – particularly on hot days – that you do not leave them out in direct sunlight longer than necessary.  If your nappies require tumble drying, do not do tumble dry on high heat settings, use LOWEST heat setting only.  This will help extend the life of the nappies by protecting the waterproof PUL material and preventing delamination.

Follow the above care guidelines and your Cloth Nappies will last you until bub’s toilet training journey begins and beyond! ?

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Product designed in Australia and made in China, according to our specific instructions & design.