Best4Bubs Reusable Bamboo Training Pants

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Product Description

Unlike Disposable Training Pants, our reusable Best4Bubs Pocket Training Pants are designed to look and fit like ‘undies’ rather than nappies. The idea is to avoid confusing your child when it is time to transition from nappies to toilet.   This is especially  important at night time, as your child will learn not to rely on nappies to take care of any accidents.  If an accident does occur during the night,  your child would feel a wet discomfort.  This is not so with Pull Ups, as they absorb as well as a nappy, making it harder for a child to learn that they eventually need to use the toilet at night – not just during the day.

 The waterproof barrier and built in Bamboo layers (3 layers),  help reduce mess when accidents occur, yet allow your child to feel wet, for effective training.

Available in a lovely Custard Yellow and in three sizes (see size guide below).   Not only are they great for daily toilet training, they can also be used for naps, long car rides and outings and even bedtime!  This is due to the unique, handy pocket system that allows you to adjust absorbency, to suit your child in the following ways…

Handy Tips:  

**The easiest way to add extra inserts to the pockets of the Training Pants, is to flip the Training Pants inside out first and feed the inserts through.  Always ensure the insert(s) are spread out flat and evenly, once inside the pocket – particularly around the edges, to prevent leaking.  Ensure that insert is fed right through to the other end (front) of the nappy, for extra absorption in the main, wet areas.**

**In order to feed 2  microfibre inserts into the pocket –  following the above tip –  inserts can then be placed flat on top of each other and fed  together, through the pocket of the Training Pants.**


3 Sizes to choose from (S M L)

 100% cotton outer Layer

Bamboo Terry inner Layer

3 Layer Bamboo Insert built in

waterproof PLU layer to keep clothes dry

Our Best4Bubs Training Pants are guaranteed to save your family money during toilet training, as they are washable and reusable.  Plus they are environmentally friendly as they help reduce landfill!

Ditch the disposables and start saving today!


Care Instructions:

Note: Wash before first use.  The Training pants and inserts will reach their maximum absorbency after the first 4-6 washes.

Remove spare Inserts from the pockets before washing. They can be washed in the same load.

Hand or machine wash warm (NOT exceeding 40C), on a gentle cycle. Use full strenght washing detergent and never use fabric softener, as it will coat the fibres in the fabric and reduce absorbency.

Line dry (this is the best method, however it is recommended that you avoid prolonged time in the UV/sun light once dry).

 **Tip: To reduce drying time when line drying your Training Pants, simply turn them inside out.**

Can be tumble dried on lowest heat setting.

Do not iron, do not use fabric softener or bleach

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