Cloth Nappies – Complete 20 Pack

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The Complete Cloth Nappy Pack is affordable and the best value cloth nappy pack for your baby. Containing all the essentials you need – if you have made the responsible decision to use cloth nappies.

Pack includes:

20 Cloth Nappies

40 super absorbent Microfiber inserts (2 per nappy)

4 Cloth waterproof Wet bags (40cmx30cm)

1 Bamboo, biodegradable Nappy Liner roll (100 sheets)

Cloth Nappy cover

Our EcoNappy reusable pocket Cloth Nappies are high quality – without the big price tag.
12 vibrant colours to choose from (see colour range and packs below), with matching snap buttons, a ‘waterproof’ outer layer made of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate), with an inner layer of suede cloth. This is the material touching baby’s skin and is soft and breathable, super fast-drying, stain resistant and helps keep the nappy feeling dry & comfy. Most importantly – unlike disposable nappies – cloth nappies are free of harsh chemicals! They are easy to use and come in one size, designed to fit from birth to toilet training – saving families loads of money in the long run!

Cloth Nappy inserts

Two inserts are included with each nappy.  These inserts are made of 3 layers of microfiber.  They are highly absorbent, stain resistant and  fast-drying!

Girls Pack:
This pack is made up of all the colours in the Girls colour range (see table above), as well as a random mix from the Neutral colour range.

Boys Pack:
Made up of all the colours in the Boys colour range, as well as a random mix from the Neutral colour range.

Neutral pack:
Made up of random mix of all the colours in the Neutral colour range.

Rainbow Pack:
A random mix of colours from the Girls, Boys & Neutral colour range.

Custom Pack:
Custom packs are welcome and can be made up of all available colours.  Please email your colour selection for both nappies and Wet bag(s) to with your order number, within 24 hours of purchase, so that we can get your order to you without delay.

**Please note – Some colours may be unavailable at times.  We will do our best to send similar shades of any requested colours, that may be out of stock at the time of purchase.**

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