Ready to Start Toilet Training?

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Whether it’s your first time, or you have been down the Toilet Training road before with previous children, it is a journey that you take together and it’s not always a smooth ride.  We have gathered a few little tips here, which we hope will help you along the way!

Firstly… Potty or Toilet?  Both have their pros and cons and some parents may find their child prefers one over the other – maybe a combination of the 2?

The Potty can be very convenient – particularly at the beginning of training when time (to get to the loo) is of the essence, as they are portable and can go wherever your child goes.  The toilet may not always be close by but it does eliminate that not-so-fun task of cleaning out the potty between each use – as well as messy, accidental spills.

Signs your child may be ready…

  • Your child shows an understanding/interest in the toilet.
  • They are at a cooperative age and can follow simple instructions
  • They understand what a toilet is for.
  • Your child’s nappy stays dry/clean for longer periods
  • They can briefly control the urge to urinate or have a bowel.

So you start your toddler’s toilet training because you have noticed signs that they may be ready.  Whether they are ready or not, there are going to be some challenging times ahead.  There will be accidents at first – resulting in lots of cleaning and extra laundry – which can really test a parent’s patience. Trying your best to keep calm and positive – even offering little rewards for achievements, will help encourage your toddler.

Never compare what another parent’s child has achieved at a certain age (this goes with any milestone), as this just adds pressure to your child and will only serve to hinder any progress.  After a few days, if it seems like there is more stress than progress, it might be a good idea to consider taking a break and trying again a little later down the track.

It can also help to Choose the right time – Once you feel your toddler is ready to start training, if possible, you may want to consider doing so during the warmer Seasons. Warmer weather means fewer clothes to remove when making that mad dash for the toilet. You might also want to avoid busy periods, particularly at the beginning of your child’s training, where any planned trips or upcoming special events, can be a bit disruptive for your little trainee’s program.

Children tend to be ready to toilet train between the ages of 2 & 3. Some earlier, some later. As with all developmental milestones, when it comes to toilet training every child is different.

We wish you and your little one all the best! 🙂