Most people think of Cloth nappies as the big terry toweling squares that are fastened with safety pins and require plastic covers.  Today’s modern Cloth Nappies have come a very long way. They are designed for baby’s comfort and ease of use for parents. There are various styles of cloth nappies available on the market today, such as pre-fold, fitted, all-in-ones and pocket – such as our Eco Nappies.

Cloth Nappies vs Disposable Nappies…

  • The savings gained from using cloth nappies over disposables, can reach up to $5,000 per child.
  • You can re-use cloth nappies for subsequent children – which increases savings even further.
  • Whilst cloth nappies do have a cost associated with laundry, this does not come near the cost of disposables.
  • Disposable nappies contribute to over two tonnes of waste per child, which takes hundreds of years to break down in landfill. They also add large amounts of weekly household waste.
  • Nappy rash has a lower occurrence rate with cloth nappies.
  • Cloth nappies allow the skin to breathe while disposables expose baby’s skin to countless chemicals.

If you are considering giving cloth nappies a go, you’ll need a bundle of approximately 20-30 nappies – depending on your washing and drying routine, climate and season.

It’s a good idea to give them a try before you buy in bulk. You can do this by buying individual nappies to sample or a starter pack.